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Hi, we’re Richard and Vicki Nelson. 

We purchased the historic Izee Ranch in Izee, Oregon, in 1993 with one goal—to produce quality beef that will satisfy consumer demands and help support future generations.


IZ Ranch is a labor of love, and our unique brand of family values and traditional ranching methods is something that we carry in our blood and are very proud of.


We are all products of those who came before us. We are grateful to parents and grandparents who sacrificed to provide opportunities for us. We have spent the past 30 years restoring the land , and investing in genetic fundamentals to create a truly unique brand of cattle. We aren’t just any ranchers, with our unique experience in the agriculture industry—where we have spent our lives building a family business into a global research and production company, Plant Sciences, Inc.—we are bringing that expertise in research science to the cattle industry.

“Since purchasing the ranch, we’ve been in the process of building a cow herd that represents the attributes that will produce calves with a high-quality carcass, fit consumer demand and sell at a price that will sustain our family in this business. We source and age-verify all of our calves and sell them into natural programs, setting them up to capture premiums. Now, genetic technology enhances our vision, and the herd’s potential to succeed,” says Richard (Angus Beef Bulletin, Oct. 2011).

Utilizing our unique experience in plant breeding, we are using molecular marker technology to identify and incorporate desirable beef characteristics. With the introduction of molecular marker analysis, we have been consistently producing calves that top 95% USDA Choice and Prime. Read more about our breeding programs in the Oct. 2011 Angus Beef Bulletin.

Family-owned and operated means passion and commitment. This isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. The Nelson family has extended their love for the land and the environment by ranching regeneratively.

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