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At IZ Ranch passion, precision, and tradition seamlessly blend together, to create cattle we are proud of.


For nearly three decades, we've dedicated ourselves to the art and science of raising cattle that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality. Every year we study the data and craft our genetics to create a fast-growing, high-yielding calf crop.


This means utilizing our own replacement heifers when possible and outsourcing when necessary. We take pride in understanding the end result and leveraging the data to cultivate a calf crop that not only will score on the rail but will survive in our environment.


At the heart of our operation lies a carefully curated selected of cowherd, meticulously chosen for their ability to thrive in the rugged terrain and harsh conditions of our arid, high desert environment. Our moderate-framed cattle spend most of their year in rocky landscapes and dense timber and must be efficient at adapting to their environment and finding the nutrients they need without intervention from us.


We believe in fostering a symbiotic relationship between production and environmental adaption, ensuring our cattle not only survive but flourish, resulting in a product that we are truly proud to stand behind.

Behind every exceptional cow is a powerful sire, and we work hard to source the best genetics from renowned establishments such as 44 Farms, Riverbend Ranch, Teixeira Cattle Company, and Shaw Cattle Company. It's this careful pairing of superior genetics that forms the backbone of our calf crop, consistently delivering results that speak for themselves.


With an impressive 90% choice and prime USDA yield grades, our cattle shine both in the pasture and in the feedlots, commanding attention for their outstanding performance.

When it comes to marketing our cattle, we believe in embracing both tradition and innovation. You can find our cattle yearly on the July Western Livestock Gold Nugget Video or Superior Livestock Auction's Video Royale. These video sales ensure that our cattle receive the exposure they deserve.


Additionally, we take pride in our partnership with the Country Natural Beef Cooperative, retaining some of our calves to be raised as yearlings and marketed to those who appreciate the value of sustainably raised, premium-quality animals.

In every aspect of our operation, from breeding to marketing, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Join us and experience firsthand the difference that passion, dedication, and a deep respect for tradition can make in the world of ranching.


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