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From the beginning, we’ve been passionate about raising cattle that provide the highest quality beef for dinner tables everywhere. For nearly three decades, we’ve raised our own replacement heifers while selecting bull genetics that turns into a fast-growing, high-yielding calf crop.

Our closed cow herd is selected for small to moderate-framed cows and we select for attributes that allow cows to thrive in our, often demanding, arid, high desert environment.

Powerful sires from 44 Farms, Riverbend Ranch, Teixeira Cattle Company, and Shaw Cattle Company back our cow herd, and IZ Ranch proudly offers a proven calf crop each year. With carcass data showing 90% choice and prime USDA yield grades, our cattle consistently perform in the feedlots. 

Our cattle are marketed through a combination of both traditional and niche methods. Each year we sell calves and yearlings through Western Livestock Video and Superior Livestock Auction. We also retain some calves we then run as yearlings to market through the Country Natural Beef Cooperative.


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