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IZ Ranch 2012 Cattle Sale Statistics

June 13th, 2014 by Richard Nelson

We wanted to share some of our amazing cattle sale results with you! IZ Ranch is commited to raising quality beef and the proof is in the numbers.

Black Angus Choice Prime

Certified Angus Beef

Feed Conversion

Cost of Gain

IZ Ranch blew the national averages out of the water. 99.5% of our Black Angus steers were Choice/Prime, whereas the national average is only 60%. Our Black Angus heifers were almost as high, at 98% Choice/Prime. We also saw high numbers in the Feed Conversion category where our cattle were in the top 15% of the nation. Our cattle also came in at the top 11% for the Cost of Gain category. A very big thank you to Beef Northwest for providing cattle feeding services and Tyson Foods, Inc. for providing cattle processing services.

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